August 29, 2012

She wanted to have a tea party inside, I wanted to play in the dirt outside. We compromised by planting hen and chicks in tea cups.

July 9, 2012

long time coming

So much time has passed and life has been lived since I last posted here. The wee one is no longer so very wee and the big wee one declares that she is "off the charts" every chance she gets since last month when the doctor told her she is off the chart for her height. I oscillate continuously between the sentiments of feeling like each day is the longest day ever and those of utter shock at how fast the weeks are slipping away. So far this summer has been filled with all things good and sticky- watermelons and berries dribbling down chins, sprinkler runs and lake plunges, morning porch time and evening strolls. We have been on the road to spend precious moments with loved ones we don't see often enough and have filled our home with loved ones from near and far. We have celebrated a union of love so profound and true it became contagious and a birthday of 95 full, gracious years. These are days to savor indeed. And this morning I was able to do something that has been three years in the making, create with others in our basement, a space finally ready to brim over with sweet messes made by little and big hands, all led with big hearts. I have envisioned using this space with girlfriends, sharing time and space amidst paper, glue, paint, and beyond, and what joy it brings me that my inaugural crafting time down there was with these three little girls who have come into Annalie and I's lives in the past year and enriched us both so dearly. Our theme was the peoples and cultures of Africa, and surrounded by music and cumulative inspiration from my mom, we made jewelry and the makings of a village and my heart sung.

February 21, 2012