January 30, 2018

Winter Woods

This winter's persistent woods beckoning has me giddy. Maybe it is because the young ones in the cabin are (seemingly) less likely to burn it down if I venture out, now that they are ages 6 and 9, so the permission slips seem easier to grant. This past weekend's trip to Hike Inn in Georgia with Gretchen was one that will go on future calendars, then with a little less weight in the pack and a little more time in the bank.  

Today's lunch break is dedicated to writing a poem in honor of this special time. Let's see what comes forth:

ode to well

meet you at the base of the falls dear
amidst flutter of heart swirl of mind 
a long winter's walk to honor the shared
sense of adventure
the layers of forest
and time
of moss of memory of might of mire
step step step rise to taste the wet air
absorb the palette of this season's hues 
an interplay of grey brown violet blue
listen to return
refract reform
to stretch time and make room for it all
the tea the fire inspired spaces on stilts
the bread the brother the mother
warm bunk floor and flask
adirondacks coffee
curious and cold
delight in biscuits duties ephemera
step step step descend to taste the wet air
underbrush birds bid farewell  
oh to be well

Annie Milroy Price