December 22, 2010

a little stop

stop and snap, originally uploaded by AnnieLaurel.

i love this image of the little one and me from earlier this year-taken with shoes and socks in hand. the little sign on the street called out to me as a reminder of what we all should do every once in awhile. i am posting it as a placeholder today to mark this next week in which I plan to stop and be present with family and friends and enjoy the holiday season. i will be back in a week or so. i wish you happy holidays and much peace and love in the start of 2011. xo

December 13, 2010

reflection: feeling light

feeling light, originally uploaded by AnnieLaurel.

light....come to me.

reflection: cozy play days

DSC_0607-1, originally uploaded by AnnieLaurel.

so many of these types of days this past year. this was taken late last winter and is the same type of scene here today. brrrr.....went outside and fell down twice within two minutes from the layer of ice under the snow. back in the house now in our cozy wear.

December 10, 2010

february reflection: the beach in winter time

the past few years we have had the joy of going to the beach in february. I love bundling up in the cold and heading out for a brisk walk or bike ride along the empty shoreline. I find visiting places that mean something to you in different seasons deepens your connection to that space greatly.when you can witness it in stillness, in bustle, with varying elements in motion, a part of your spirit begins to take up residence there.

December 8, 2010

december reflections: mug love

mug love, originally uploaded by AnnieLaurel.

this picture and sentiment expressed in january, rings as true today:
the moment when I wake up and pick out my mug for my coffee is one of my favorites of the day. I return to them in the afternoon and evening for tea. I treasure each mug for its individual shape, colors, the way it feels in my hands.

December 6, 2010

december reflections: stepping out

both of these images were taken back in january, though they just as easily could have been taken today. they mark a time when I was just beginning to step out of a dark place of physical pain and begin the healing process, using the camera as my vehicle in the journey. the ground looks the same outside and the downward view on my rug looks just the same but the internal horizon has expanded since those days and for that I am so grateful.

i have decided to spend the rest of december here reflecting on this past year, bringing forth images taken throughout the year, maybe with thoughts posted, maybe not. I am disheartened by the frenetic pace of the material world and its dischord with the stillness of the natural world at this time of year. I am hoping that some time of reflection and sifting through the memories accumulated from this past year will draw me closer to the true spirit of the season.

December 2, 2010



micro landscape

Just about a year and a half ago I was searching online for images of unfurling ferns as I was awaiting spring and I came across the blog of two friends living in Maine, Kate and Iris, which carries that very name, unfurlingferns. I was immediately enchanted by their dialogue through images and have returned regularly to their site in order to see what their latest theme and corresponding images are. I find it to be a beautiful way to communicate and maintain connection with a friend and to go beyond words. I was able to get in touch with Kate and Iris and ask them about their process for their postings and below you will see what they shared (the images I have posted are examples from their site, though I dont know how to duplicate their cute postcards with their initials for you to see, so please go to their site to have the full experience for yourself).

kindle me


K:The way it generally works is that we trade 'hostessing' each post -- if I'm the hostess I find a photo I'd like to post, then title it and send it as a draft to Iris. She can then either respond to the image, the title or both. It's a creative way of challenging each other and ourselves. Sometimes I send a little note of apology along with the draft because I feel the post is rather far down a random road in my brain, but those are often the most interesting replies. When I get a draft from her, I either know immediately that I already have a photo that fits, or I take a little while (or a long while sometimes) to hunt around my life for a worthy reply. It's a very instinctual and loose process for me... Iris? What about you?

I:You got it, Kate. That's how I think of it also. Hostess, instigator, throwing-down-the-gauntlet, it's all the same. Very intuitive. And I find that the times that I spend "overthinking" my reply get me nowhere. I usually have to just let go and let an image come forth, either from my photo library or from the world around me. It's a great exercise in being in the moment and out of my head...I write poetry as well and unfurlingferns feels like an extension of the same creative stream that I find when writing. It's not exactly on purpose, which is what I like about it.


Thank you Iris and Kate for sharing with us. I look forward to continuing to witness your dialogue through images and captions. It is a real treat to view, especially on a cold winter's day.

oops, how could I forget to ask, why the name unfurling ferns? its my penchant for them that led me there in the first place!