December 2, 2010



micro landscape

Just about a year and a half ago I was searching online for images of unfurling ferns as I was awaiting spring and I came across the blog of two friends living in Maine, Kate and Iris, which carries that very name, unfurlingferns. I was immediately enchanted by their dialogue through images and have returned regularly to their site in order to see what their latest theme and corresponding images are. I find it to be a beautiful way to communicate and maintain connection with a friend and to go beyond words. I was able to get in touch with Kate and Iris and ask them about their process for their postings and below you will see what they shared (the images I have posted are examples from their site, though I dont know how to duplicate their cute postcards with their initials for you to see, so please go to their site to have the full experience for yourself).

kindle me


K:The way it generally works is that we trade 'hostessing' each post -- if I'm the hostess I find a photo I'd like to post, then title it and send it as a draft to Iris. She can then either respond to the image, the title or both. It's a creative way of challenging each other and ourselves. Sometimes I send a little note of apology along with the draft because I feel the post is rather far down a random road in my brain, but those are often the most interesting replies. When I get a draft from her, I either know immediately that I already have a photo that fits, or I take a little while (or a long while sometimes) to hunt around my life for a worthy reply. It's a very instinctual and loose process for me... Iris? What about you?

I:You got it, Kate. That's how I think of it also. Hostess, instigator, throwing-down-the-gauntlet, it's all the same. Very intuitive. And I find that the times that I spend "overthinking" my reply get me nowhere. I usually have to just let go and let an image come forth, either from my photo library or from the world around me. It's a great exercise in being in the moment and out of my head...I write poetry as well and unfurlingferns feels like an extension of the same creative stream that I find when writing. It's not exactly on purpose, which is what I like about it.


Thank you Iris and Kate for sharing with us. I look forward to continuing to witness your dialogue through images and captions. It is a real treat to view, especially on a cold winter's day.

oops, how could I forget to ask, why the name unfurling ferns? its my penchant for them that led me there in the first place!

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