Hi, I am Annie.  thank you for joining me here.  while the definition of revelry and grace continues to be hauntingly and beautifully amorphous to me, the words that best describe it these days are: vessel and springboard

It is a vessel that holds reflections on the past, offers opportunities to care for ourselves and connect with the present, and creates meaningful intentions for the future. it is a springboard into learning more about ourselves, loving more about ourselves, and sharing more about ourselves. 

and my greatest hope is for some of the happenings here to open myself (and hopefully others) to more moments in life where we find ourselves standing at the intersection of revelry and grace

as for a little info about me:

my current days are filled with: being as present as possible with all I love here in the mountains of western north carolina, creating time for friends and family, working as a small business consultant, pursuing arts and crafts and writing, practicing yoga, spending time in nature, and embarking on adventures day to day.

I revel in: creativity in all of its forms, surprises, laughter, music that touches the soul and moves the body, the birth of new ideas and the honoring of old traditions, travels small and tall, near and far, gathering around a table with loved ones, spending time with people who really enjoy life.

I find grace in: simple acts of generosity and love, serendipitous moments, honest conversations, stillness, the turning of the seasons, the journey of water from mountain creekbed to sea, natural light, life cycles, the feeling of peace coming over you.

thank you again for being here, i hope i get to hear from you sometime.

You can take a look at the following posts to get more of a sense of revelry and grace:



feel free to email me at revelryandgrace@gmail.com