August 4, 2013


Late last night, we returned from the first international trip of our family of four, a week in Costa Rica, where we met up with family for a special vacation. Ten minutes into our van ride from the airport in Liberia heading towards Nosara, my husband said out loud exactly what was being spoken inside my head as I gazed out of the window, "So,how do you think we can move here?". I know this is the common experience of Costa Rica for so many and today I am finding myself swirling in this concept, not necessarily wanting to make that a reality but rather absorbing what it is that happens to the psyche down there and how do we carry those teachings forward in our day-to-day lives back home? To begin to wrestle with these questions as a family, as opposed to the very personal journey of doing this on my own in my late teens, is a really cool new experience and opportunity. As little A bounced up against me as we bounded along pot-holed filled roads and took it all in through the five senses I felt myself relive those first impressions of another culture all over again.

We become anew through the foods, sights, and sounds of an unfamiliar place and through these unique interactions with our changed outer world we begin to change our inner world- our compassion, openness, flexibility, humor, appreciation, and understanding are all awakened.

So here I am, back in the woods in the mountains of North Carolina on my screened porch amidst the sights and sounds of summer once familiar and yet new again. I don't need to hop back on that plane tomorrow but I do need to maintain a commitment with myself to seek out these kinds of opportunities for reflection and regeneration and carry forward with a nod towards the spirit of pura vida living whenever possible.

March 9, 2013

Soul Shine

Amidst the elements that shine light and love into the deepest,darkest crevices that reside within, I am restored.