December 8, 2010

december reflections: mug love

mug love, originally uploaded by AnnieLaurel.

this picture and sentiment expressed in january, rings as true today:
the moment when I wake up and pick out my mug for my coffee is one of my favorites of the day. I return to them in the afternoon and evening for tea. I treasure each mug for its individual shape, colors, the way it feels in my hands.


  1. Agreed. Morning coffee, afternoon tea. Mug of choice. In a day with so many busy and chaotic moments, it's the little rituals that sometimes bring the biggest respite. I like your mugs!

  2. I LOVE your coffee mugs! I have a pottery collection made up of pieces from all around the world. I have two mugs in particular that I love that I picked up in Montreal when I was visiting a friend. Each piece reminds me of the places I have been, experiences I have had & friends I have made.

    And doesn't the coffee taste so much better in a treasured mug? (I think so)