January 5, 2011

2011 Word of the Year

isla mujeres, where I long to return.

Last year was the first year that I have set a word of the year. It was at someone else's prompt and I came up with "UNHURRY". At the dawn of 2010 I was in a state of recovery from meningitis and was in search of ways to make changes in life that would promote better health and peace in my day-to-day life. It was time to listen to the most honest friends in my life who were willing to tell me what I didnt want to hear, that I needed to slow down. way down. and for the most part I did. many days I still possessed "a hurried mind" but I worked hard to be in tune with the acceleration and figured out ways to put on the brakes. I can say that I was present throughout the majority of the year and while some real challenges came my way, my "unhurrying" served me well in sitting with them and allowing the emotions to rise and release.

Now 2011 is underway and I have felt great resistance into getting into the swing of things and have felt stuck in what I wanted to bring forth into this space. I had committed to myself when I began this site that it would not be another place of clutter in my life, I would not post out of obligation or expectation, but would listen to what I would want to offer up. and yet there is something to be said for expectation, it kicks you in the butt when you get lazy or lose confidence or direction. and sometimes just climbing in the saddle destiny unbound is the best thing you can do. so today I mounted and my word of 2011 showed up for me, blazon and ready to behold. TRUST. trust in my body, trust in the universe, trust in intuition. trust in the cycles of health, emotions, and nature. trust in what dear loved ones tell me that I sometimes just can't hear. trust in prayer. and trust that i will again one day soak in turquoise salty water under sunny skies feeling healthy and strong and eat fresh fish with my toes in the sand. just declaring this trust makes my lips taste salty.

Please share your word(s) of 2011 if you would like. its not a resolution, just an intention. xo

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  1. I’ve thought that my theme for 2011 will be “streamline.” Cut out the physical and mental clutter. Streamline as many aspects of my life as possible, be more intentional about decisions and actions, and choose the paths that are truly important to me.

    Words that I’ve always liked and bring me calm, which I hope to follow more this year: “Be Still.” From the verse “be still and know I’m God.” Relax my mind and my hurried thoughts and be still and trust that there is a greater power taking care of the things that I can’t control. And even amongst the things that I can control – be still- do what you can but abstain from the hurried, frenzy mindset.

    Just this past Sunday I attended church, and we were all given the opportunity to draw our personal “watchword” out of the offering plate for the year. Mine is: “I believe; help my unbelief.” Mark 9:24. Wow!

    Thanks, Annie, for your thought-provoking words! I am also going to trust that I will sometime soon be able to have the sun on my face and toes in the sand!