November 22, 2010

reflection: saying grace

lucky, originally uploaded by AnnieLaurel.

in honor of this week of thanksgiving I wanted to shine light on what I am grateful for and the ways in which I feel lucky, as I imagine so many others are doing as well. the theme of the soul collage and yoga workshop I attended here in asheville yesterday was gratitude, which set the stage perfectly for taking time to reflect on the bounty in our lives. there have been some tough challenges in this past year, but here is a starter list of what i am grateful for today, a hodgepodge of things great and small, random and obvious:

1)my health- never before have i been so acutely aware of what a gift this is, each and every day.

2)the curve of the driveway leading up to my cabin- i fell in love with it the first time I came to look at the place and i love the way it welcomes me home upon each return.

3)living in a place where the four seasons of the year are distinctly marked- the anticipation of rituals that take place connect me with the cycles of life.

4)the opportunity to rediscover the world through the eyes of a two and a half year old- this past week she has been singing to me "he's got the whole world in his hands" repeatedly, though she changes the words to things like "he's got all the hula hoops in his hands" or "all of the scissors in his hands", whatever she is appreciating in that moment.

5)the wonderful care that family and friends provide for our daughter now and then so that my husband and I can have moments to ourselves free of worry, in order to reflect and connect.

6)the incredible blogosphere that i discovered this past year. how i can jump from one lily pad to another and discover so much beauty, insight, and creativity with just a few clicks.

7)the resilience of the human spirit and the trust in the cycles of our psyches that comes with getting older.

8)the way that our family is what we each define for ourselves and that it can transcend blood and marriage (and additional thanks that my family is filled with adventure seekers!).

9)the clients I have had in the past year through Mountain BizWorks. their trust in me to share their dreams and their fears. the chance to sit with them at a time of change and unknowing.

10)the path that led me to creating this space, revelry and grace, and the joy that comes in wondering where it will lead me and who I will connect with along the way.

I would really like to hear something(s) you are grateful for this season. if you are reading please feel free to share with us. happy thanksgiving to you!


  1. Since you asked ... I am thankful for:
    My sweet immediate family and living with a 5 and 22 mos old
    The joy I get from cooking and eating well
    The anticipation of a new puppy/ family member
    Finding balance in a busy world
    True friendships
    Exercise- alone
    Fresh air
    Holidays and rituals
    Good books
    A God who loves me
    Hopefully someday soon finding time for painting and playing the violin and piano
    Quiet time alone
    My Mom and my Dad
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What I am grateful for:

    The joy, laughter, love and commitment of my marriage

    Having a home I worked hard for filled with things and colors and art that fill me up and round out my life

    Having a job (which is not small feat these days) that I enjoy and that challenges my mind and fills me with awe

    My family: who they are as individuals, the role they play in my life, and their good health

    My chosen family: some people in my life whom I call friends, but that word doesn't always describe who they are to me...without these people I could not fully be who I am and see the world in the way they have opened it up to me

    my funny, sweet dogs

    Quiet time, all to myself

    walks in the woods that let me think and hikes that make me sweat


    changing seasons

    the sunrise through my kitchen window - i just never tire of it

    living in the mountains of NC- it means everything to feel completely at home where you are

    being in my kitchen- i love to cook but i mostly love when what i cook is enjoyed by many

    I am deeply grateful for feeling my home, in who I am, in my relationships, in my journey. I do not take this lightly and this allows me to have gratitude for everything and everyone in my life.