October 8, 2010

creation and connection: opening a new door

for years I have been wishing to open the door into the world of clay. during each studio stroll in the river arts district I admire the potters in their creative spaces and long to get my hands dirty. I finally began my first pottery class last week with Angelique Tassistro of Fly Coop Studios and I am happy to say that the process has enveloped me just as I imagined it would. and yet I find myself so distracted by all of the charming, personal touches in her studio calling to be photographed that I easily lose track of my task at hand. more will hopefully come about Angelique and her own journey in a future post-though I think her chalkboard just about says it all- this is a woman who leaps, loves, creates, and inspires, and keeps turning good thoughts into good things ....stay tuned.

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