September 9, 2010

restoration: the shifting of seasons

Here in the mountains, as in many places, folks long for and savor the precious season of fall and all of the nostalgia that comes with it. even though we are not offically there yet, you can already feel its thrill calling: the first time you pull out your favorite jeans and put on your beloved boots (still wearing the same pair of cowgirl boots for 15 years now, don't care what any trend forecasts, they will always be with me). the instant buzz you feel as you inhale the crisp air and look up at the truest of blue skies and exhale the dampness of an overly drippy summer. the promise of upcoming apple crisps,cider, hearty ales, and bluegrass music. and even if you are not necessarily a football fan, a good fall tailgating session can't be beat.

What fall also is, is a time to shed: a shedding of all that won't nourish us in the coming winter months and stocking up on all that will. chopping the wood. preparing the soup. swinging on the porch and feeling kinship to the trees shedding alongside you. drawing in closer to the dearest of friends and family. calling up the library to put the books you have been longing to read on hold.

and finding stillness. by mountain streams. by the ocean expanse. I am always called to be by water in the fall, it is where I often find the ultimate source of nourishment for the soul. I encourage you to find your rock or your spot in the sand sometime during this fall and cast off anything that you don't want to have journey with you into the winter. if it is anything like last year, it is going to be a long one so let's hope this fall is a long one too.

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