September 22, 2010

mourn. revel. release

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In honor of the full moon and of the turning of the season this evening, here are a few Autumnal Poems from The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu. These were sent to me by my acupuncturist, Sally Robinson. Thank you Sally. You are a tremendous blessing to all.

By the wide ocean, roasting salt,
The fisherwoman's heart burns as
She piles up her grief like firewood.

Think of me in the forgotten sadness of Autumn,
Even though your heart be captured by the moon.

Winds of Autumn,
Saddest season of all,
Scattered the remaining leaves from the trees.

Lying awake,
I heard the cry of the little night owl
As chill moonlight poured through
Bare branches in an ancient image of Autumnal sadness.

Nothing awakens old
Like the Moon.

Click here for an article about the gift from mother nature that we are all in for this evening- the full moon combined with the season turn combined with the sight of jupiter.

Tomorrow I head to the beach with many inspiring women and plan to be casting off alot of cares to the sea. I will be back here next week with pictures and reflections.

11:23pm tonight. go outside. mourn. revel. release.

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