September 20, 2010

restoration: the front porch

yoga dog, originally uploaded by AnnieLaurel.

for the next week or so my posts will be circling around restoration. as the changing of seasons is upon us, and the coming of the autumnal full moon, i am finding myself agitated by allergies and insomnia- things are all stirred up around and within. I was grateful to read an email from my acupuncturist today that states that in chinese medicine it is regarded as a time that brings up "the breath, letting go (as witnessed by the falling leaves), grief, nostalgia, and connection to Spirit." yes. yes. yes. each of those words rings truer than ever.

my front porch is the place I go to unroll the yoga mat, and restore amidst the trees. however, if I turn around for just a second this furry friend will take over my spot.

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