September 3, 2010

Honoring the Moments

A while back someone shared this moments video with me and I watched it over and over and passed it along to a few friends. I had forgotten about it, but pulled it back up the other day and once again found myself watching it repeatedly. each time a different moment strikes a chord.

Today the strongest reaction came for me with the school aged girl who shoots her hand up in the air. I don't know exactly yet what it is for me that lies in that moment, but it caused me to well with tears -- something in her eagerness--that look of thinking you know the answer, being scared to say something, but being compelled to say something anyways.

the emotions so often come before the words.

pausing to watch this here and there is a wonderful gage for me on where my emotions are residing. the moments that speak most clearly to me change all of the time, just as my emotions do.

Which shots stir something in you today?

1 comment:

  1. After watching this twice, two moments stood out to me. one was more of a sound than the visual... the baby walking with the woman to the pool. I hear the unsteadiness of the steps, the sliding of the feet across the floor because that child is not ready to walk yet, but almost, almost. There's a leaning, a yearning for the water, where one might swim before they walk!

    The other moment is the scene of the young musicians all pulling the sheet of music away at the same time and letting it drift to the floor. The quick and slow movement all at the same time. That's how life feels sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and blog. You always have a perspective that I like hearing, reading, seeing whether in your art, your blog, your writing. Much love.