August 23, 2010

"I'm fine" wait..... "help me"

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Today while little one was working to cut up papers I asked her how she is doing and she replies "I'm fine". Two seconds later she says "help me". I chuckled at how she had summed up what I think it means to be two years old in a matter of seconds.

However this normal daily interaction gave me reason to pause today because I really do think there is so much life truth in these two little sentences and so much of the time we,as adults, struggle to say either one. We oscillate in the in-between of these two simple phrases throughout our days, often afraid to ask for the help we really need or are swirling too fast to realize how much we have and how "fine" we really are.

As someone who loves words and language so much, to pause and boil emotions down into simple two word statements is a challenge. However, I am appreciative to have my two year old be the one teaching me about communication from time to time.

i'm tired.
help me.

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