August 20, 2010

touching base

touching base, originally uploaded by AnnieLaurel.

so many folks out there, many of whom I have never met face-to-face have inspired me to create this space. and I know that in coming days I will begin to add in links to all of the other people, places, and sources of inspiration that feed me but today i want to start right here at home. and touch base. something I think that we all need to do with some sort of regularity.

back in the winter of this year i participated in susannah conway's truly special unravelling course, a gift i gave myself in order to honor the healing process i was going through from a long illness. i took this photo in my bathroom mirror while my daughter slept and my husband was at work. what an indulgence it felt like to be in front of the mirror, with only a camera, in the middle of a weekday. and as i lulled the inner critic to sleep, I began to reflect on the reflection. i felt a stirring occur. a coming home. a witnessing. something tangible began to shift and a long dormant voice began to speak to me. we have to start with ourselves. no matter how broken or tired or dulled. it is the only way to really love anyone or anything else. i know i knew this in my head but it was a hell of a lot different beginning to know this with my heart.

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  1. From our heads to our hearts - it's been the toughest part of the journey for me. Congrats on this beautiful new blog!