August 22, 2010

what's in store?

what's in store?, originally uploaded by AnnieLaurel.

This was my fortune last night at the end of a delicious dinner at Doc Chey's. Those words fill me with simultaneous feelings of excitement and bewilderment. I love (and hate) how elusive they are. monkey mind says: which efforts? and what type of results? and when will I see them? and yet at the same time I experience a sense of ahhhhh...... okay. let go. let it unfold. keep ticking away and those aha moments will rise in their own due time.

there are a thousand cliches i could write here about the challenge to stay in the present, and lately I continue to find myself in conversations with girlfriends where the main topic always circles back to this same point. but when will i finally listen? will an awfully dry cookie manufactured on the other side of the world carrying a little affirmation be what finally gets me to practice what i so easily preach? doubt it. but i like little signs and will take them wherever they appear.

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  1. your blog is just as lovely as you are