August 19, 2010

heart voyage to zanzibar today

zanzibar3, originally uploaded by AnnieLaurel.

family pride. i am feeling it so strongly today. these photos were all taken by my little sister who is on her african odyssey at the moment. today she and my father met up in dar salaam to travel back to zanzibar. a place i know nothing about and yet i am certain i would love. turquoise water. i need nothing else really. but then you add their two adventurous, charismatic spirits surrounded by culture and beauty and a few unstructured, unencumbered days together and I would rather be no place else in the world. i relish in this daydream escape from my real life day of tending to a so sweet and so sick two year old topped with molars ripping through her gums. again, she too makes my heart swell with family pride, though in quite a different way.
savor these days dad and molly. we long for your stories.

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