August 24, 2010

idaho moon

idaho moon, originally uploaded by AnnieLaurel.

Tonight, as I look at the full moon, I have three tributes to pay:

First, to my dear friend who sent me this picture of her view last night under idaho's big sky. she and her family, including her husband, three little girls, and their pets, made a recent decision to follow their hearts and move to Idaho for a year to be surrounded by nature and each other. to slow down and simplify. to surrender to the calls of the wild. to consciously seek out moments of revelry and grace, i would say. i am so proud of her and all who respond to the stirrings within that urge us to make a change.

second, i also look upon tonight's full moon with a swollen heart, filled with sadness for an old friend's loss of her sister this week to cancer. Her dear older sis would have been 40 years old tomorrow and leaves behind two small children. She and her sisters lost their mom this past year to cancer.
in honoring nature's cycles tonight, i can't help but struggle with finding anything rhythmic, poetic, or meaningful in this family's profound loss. though I know that peace lies somewhere beyond for all of us, and i hope a wave of it will journey into their hearts and offer some salve.

third, i can't witness a full moon without thinking of the night my daughter was born and how the natural world had never come so alive before to me. The picture posted is from the full moon page of the children's book On the Day You Were Born that was given to us by my family. I cherish it so much and recommend it to anyone who reveres nature and needs a gift to give to a new born.

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